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Northeast Jones Duo Doubling Up On Fortius Trips

The Fortius Project will be at Jones County junior college this Saturday. However, two of Jones county’s best prep football players just couldn’t wait to make a name for themselves. So they made the three-plus hour drive to Fulton to compete at ICC this past Saturday.

Tyreece Hudson and Juvon Keys are a dangerous pair for the Northeast Jones defense, at linebacker and on the defensive line respectively. There’s no question it was a successful trip for the duo, as they both took home medals marking their all-combine performances.

“It felt great. It was surprising to stand out. I felt like I achieved something. I’m glad I worked hard and didn’t play around,” Hudson told SES Mississippi.

“I liked that everyone got along. I felt welcomed. I was treated like I was somebody. The staff was great, the drills were great and on point. I came to do my best and get something good out of it.”

Keys feels he was able to put in an all-combine performance because of his work ethic. He didn’t stop working all day. In turn, it was the competition that stood out to him.

“That’s something I always love is competition,” He explained. “It was a wonderful learning experience. I learned a lot.”

“I think I made the all-combine team because I don’t give up and I never stand down.”

Additionally, Keys was a standout due to his size, strength, athleticism and quickness for a defensive lineman.

Speed is what made Hudson a standout. In fact, that trait will help him to be looked at for football and track, he says. He knows that coaches love speed.

“Being fast, hustling to each event, doing the drills right and being humble,” Hudson said when asked what qualities helped him stand out on Saturday.

Both guys are eager to get back on the field this coming Saturday to continue proving themselves. In fact, this is a chance to show their skills in their native county. It will be a chance to show they really are the best in their area.

“I’m excited do better than before, get more reps and stand out more with my speed,” Hudson said.

“Can’t wait to do it again with my teammates this Saturday,” Keys stated.

In fact, Keyes referred to his teammates as his family. That’s a tradition at Northeast Jones, he says.

“We treat each other like a real family,” He stated. “Even our alumni are our older brothers. It never ends. Always a Tiger.”

Hudson is taking the same approach to his senior season as he did to Fortius last Saturday. He just wants to do the right things, and lead his team.

“I think we are going to do great next season, if we play as a team, play smart and stay focused on our duties,” He explained. “I want to make an impact by being a leader, being on time, not dragging around and making plays in the games. My teammates communicate in everything we do.”

Last season Hudson tallied 86 tackles, 8.5 sacks and a blocked field goal. Meanwhile, Keys appears poised to breakout this fall.

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