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Karriem Showcases Speed and Athleticism at Fortius Project

Columbus 2018 linebacker Isaiah Karriem proved on Saturday at the Fortius Project that he is one of the most athletic linebackers in the state. Karriem posted some times in testing as impressive as some of the skill players at the combine. He measured in at 6'0 and weighed in at 191, he has a very athletic frame for a linebacker that allows him to fly around the field making plays.

"I think I did pretty good, as far as the testing I think I can get my shuttle time down, but in one on ones I felt I was dominant," Karriem on his performance at the combine.

One of the most impressive numbers posted by Karriem during his testing was his 40 yard dash time, 4.71seconds. He showed off his speed during the one on ones, as he was able to cover the skill position guys very effectively. He posted a 5-10-5 shuttle time of 4.60seonds and 9'2 foot broad jump in the other events of the morning testing.

Karriem was able to compete with several of his Columbus Falcons teammates at the combine. "I enjoyed it very much, anytime there's a competition we're headed in that direction," Karriem on competing with his teammates.

"Today I learned more things about my position to add on to what I already knew in the beginning as far as technique goes, but most importantly I learned to take criticism from the coaches and move forward in a positive way," Karriem on what he will take away from the Fortius Project.

Karriem plans to continue preparing and improving throughout the offseason before taking the field for his senior season.

"First I want to finish rehabbing my shoulder, but in the process my plans are to become more of a leader to my teammates and make sure we have the same goals set for the season, and work on my speed," Karriem plans for the rest of the offseason.

Karriem is planning to have a big season next year and help lead his team to a State Championship.

"Individually I would like to work on getting stronger and faster, to attract some big colleges, and as team we've had one goal since I've played and that's to ultimately win a State Championship at Columbus," Karriem on his goals for next season.

After his performance at the Fortius Project, it looks like Karriem could possibly have a breakout season in 2017 as he looks to put his speed and athleticism to the test against opposing offenses.

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