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Pratt, Rams Confident Moving Forward

Vardaman running back and defensive back Patrick Pratt is motivated to succeed by something greater than football.

The Rams' rising junior believes that football is more than just a game he plays, but is a way to grow as an individual, as well.

“[I'm motivated] because of the love I have for the game,” Pratt told SES Mississippi. “I want to make something out of myself, and I think this is the way for me.”

Pratt's presence was felt on the field as early as his freshman year, and he has accumulated 13 career interceptions as a cornerback. Pratt's skills and motivation last season helped send Vardaman to its first postseason appearance in four years.

“[It took] practicing real hard, believing in my teammates, and stepping up when the team needed me,” Pratt said.

According to Pratt, breaking the playoff drought meant more than just a trip to the postseason.

“It was huge,” Pratt said. “Gives us more confidence moving forward.”

Pratt was second on the team in rushing yards last season with 619 and led the team in rushing touchdowns with ten. These stats have given Pratt the mindset that he can continue to grow as a Ram football player.

“[I want to] continue to play hard, get better, be a leader when the team needs me and try to be the best,” Pratt said.

Although Pratt and his Rams were successful in 2016, he still sees room for improvement.

“We could've done better,” Pratt said. “We should have made the second round [of the playoffs], but we accomplished two of our goals: have a winning season and make the playoffs.”

Vardaman was relocated to the southern region of 3-1A for the 2017 season. Although the new region presents the Rams with new opponents, Pratt believes he and his team are ready for the challenge.

“We're still going to work hard and play as a team and continue to get better,” Pratt said.

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