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Johnson Looking To Be Better Than His Competition

Jhamauri Johnson is coming off a very impressive junior campaign in which he was a key part of the stifling Grenada Chargers defense. Johnson is a 6'1 196lb 2018 linebacker, he finished the 2016 season with career highs in every defensive statistical category.

Johnson had 98 tackles which was second on the team, only trailing Memphis signee Javaris Russell. Jhamauri also racked up 4 sacks, 1 interception, and 2 forced fumbles throughout his junior season.

"It was a great season, but there is always room for improvement," Johnson on his career best junior season.

Heading into this offseason, Jhamauri is looking to make some improvements on his game to prepare himself for his final season in 2017. He will be attending the Fortius Project this weekend at ICC, where he will have a great opportunity to improve.

"I'm working right now to improve my speed and coverage skills also while working on my agility, so that I can be better than my competition," Johnson on what parts of his game he's looking to improve.

After his breakout season last year, Jhamauri has some big goals set for his senior season. "I plan to get 100+ tackles and a handful of interceptions, 6-9 sacks and most importantly to just dominate my competition and leave my mark at my school," Johnson on his senior season goals.

Most big time linebackers have a key skill or trait that allow them to set themselves apart from other linebackers. Jhamauri believes that he embodies some of these traits that will allow him to become a special linebacker.

"I think what sets me apart is my reaction speed and how I'm able to understand the developing play the instant it starts and also just my work ethic, always striving to better myself," Johnson on what sets him apart from other linebackers.

This weekend Jhamauri will put his skills to the test as he competes with other great athletes from all over Mississippi at the Fortius Project at ICC.

"All I want to prove is that I'm better than the next man, so don't count me out," Johnson on what he's looking to prove at the Fortius Project.

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