• John Macon Gillespie

Malik Hill Lives To Compete

The Panthers' 2018 offensive lineman Malik Hill has made his desire to compete clear and therefore will be attending the 2017 Fortius Project at Itawamba Community College.

“I want to meet players and show them what I'm made of,” Hill told SES Mississippi. “I want to try to win the best offensive lineman award.”

Hill was a part of a West Lowndes team that was Region 1-1A runner up in 2016 and eliminated in the playoffs by the always-talented Shaw Hawks. The playoff appearance, no matter how brief, was a positive sign for Hill and his teammates.

“[The season] went very well,” Hill said. “We faced two tough teams and lost, but that didn't bring our momentum down. We just had to come together and have each others' back, and that's what we did from that point on.”

The Panthers are one of the many teams in Mississippi that found themselves in a new region for 2017. West Lowndes now will play in Region 3-1A which plays in the southern half of the state. Hill, however, is optimistic about the change.

“The South gives us a better chance of going to state because most of the teams are losing a lot of seniors,” Hill said. “We must take advantage of that and hit them in the mouth the first play and set the tone.”

Hill's optimistic attitude carries over into his goals for his Panthers in 2017.

“My goal for this season is to take it one game at a time and try to win us a state championship,” Hill said.

Hill knows, however, that the golden ball will not come easy. The same work ethic that brings him to the Fortius Project will push his team on the road to December.

“We must come to practice everyday ready to practice and do our job on and off the field,” Hill said.

Hill is anxiously awaiting Saturday in Fulton.

“Boy, I'm so ready,” Hill said.

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