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Gililland Ready For Varsity Level

Last season, Oxford High defensive back Jack Gililland was a force on the freshman squad with his ability to read plays, breaking off the ball, and with his sense of urgency on each play from snap to whistle.

“In middle school, I didn't start. So I learned to make the most out of every play and treated every play like it is make or break,” Gililland told SES Mississippi. “Making a hit is my favorite thing and every game I am looking forward to making one.”

This upcoming season, Gililland will take his Trae Elston type game with him and move up to varsity next season to play for second year head coach Chris Cutcliffe

“Coach Cut is a great guy and coach to play under in high school,” Gililland said. “He is like Hugh Freeze to me because he cares about the team, effort, and chemistry so much. He is a great leader and knows how to help us set and keep goals we are chasing.”

Gililland will play along side a talented group of Oxford defenders, such as 5A player of the year Quentin Wilfawn, Jamar James, C.J. Terrell, Jaquanzi Johnson, Dechristian Cummings, and several others. The 2017 seniors really taught Gilliland how to step up and be a leader this season.

“D.Q. (Thomas) and Devin (Rockette) were really good role models to me and great guys. They showed me how to treat others younger than you and to keep working because that stuff you work on when no one is watching will pay off,” Gililland said.

Gililland has announced that he will attend the Fortius Project at Itawamba Community College on February 25th mainly to improve his speed, something important to be a successful defensive back.

“I think my speed is definitely key and I have been working on that most and I think it is essential for my performance,” Gililland said.

The Chargers will open the season on the road at Vicksburg in the 2017 Red Carpet Bowl. This season will be the school’s first in 6A.

“If we fight for each other as a team, we will need to come together and set our goals and compete this offseason,” Gililland said.

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