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Hall Wants To Make A Name For Himself

After a winless 2015 campaign, the Greenville Hornets got in the win column in their season-opener in 2016. It was a special moment for many seniors like Malik Sanders and Zion Washington.

Sophomore Jayden Hall, who caught two passes for 33 yards in the win over Gentry, was also full of pride after the win.

“It felt so good,” Hall told SES Mississippi. “It gave us the upper hand and we kept playing hard.”

Despite a difficult schedule, the opening win would help the Hornets earn two more during the season. Though small, it was something for the program to build on. Hall says quarterback Tayvon Littlejohn, a rising senior, was a big teacher for him during the 2016 season. Both guys will be back this fall.

“He showed me how to be a leader on offense and to play hard at all times,” Hall explained.

With plenty of questions on the horizon for Greenville, Hall says the whole offensive unit is set to be improved in 2017. That could be a tall chore with Zion Washington moving on. However, Littlejohn was one of the top passers in 6A last season. Plus, the 6’3 220-pound Hall could be a mis-match nightmare for opponents next season.

“There’s a lot of new things in store for us and I feel great about it,” He said. “I’m getting stronger, faster and building endurance to be able to play both sides.”

“I’m a big receiver and my strengths are route-running, catching, creating separation and finishing the play. I’m a big receiver and I run routes very smooth. I can also jump, so fade routes are easy for me.”

This coming season Hall, as he mentioned, will be doubling up on his duties. He will be tasked with learning the outside linebacker position on defense. His frame lends him well to the position and his potential there could be just as high as it as for him at tight end and receiver.

“I’m just trying to get better for my senior season,” He said.

Having grown up, Hall has always enjoyed entertaining the idea of playing college football in his home state. However, his preference for who has faded as he has grown up.

“I always wanted to go to Mississippi State, but now I just want a chance to play at the next level. I want to make a big name for myself and make my family proud,” Hall said. “I’m from Mississippi and I want to be a Mississippi product.”

The draw to the MSU program makes sense for Hall due to a former Hornet Gerri Green already having decided to play in Starkville.

In part Hall’s offseason improvement will be marked when he competes at the Fortius Project when it comes to Jones County junior college on March 4th. He is sure to be a standout.

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