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Patrick Andrews Hungry For Competition

The Laurel Tornadoes rolled all the way to the 5A State Championship game this past season. They boasted one of the states most electric offense but also a stingy defense. They did so with a lot of unknowns making stops on defense. One of those unknowns is rising senior Patrick Andrews.

Andrews was a key part of the defensive unit that helped lead Laurel to their second South State title in three seasons. Andrews used his speed to swarm ball carries and even help out in defending the pass. He is set to attend the Fortius Project this spring. SES caught up with Andrews to talk to him about this past season and the future.

SES: What are you hoping to accomplish at the Fortius Project on March 4, at Jones County Junior College?

Andrews: “I love competition so I'm hoping to get noticed and out-perform other linebackers while also meeting new players. I'm also expecting to get better seeing that there are a lot of great players to compete against.”

SES: How do you feel this past season went for you guys?

Andrews: “It was great considering that we made it all the way to the state championship. Even though we fell short, it was a fantastic season because we have a lot of great players and some of the best coaches in the state.”

SES: Making it all the way to the state championship and coming up short, does that make you extra hungry to get back out there this coming season?

Andrews: “Man, I'm ready to get back on the field now. All the hard work during this off-season is preparing me for this upcoming season. I have goals and I want to accomplish them, so that's why I'm really ready to get back out there so I can achieve them.”

SES: What are you hoping to do this coming season as an individual?

Andrews: “With it being my senior year, a goal of mine is to make plenty of plays and to also become more of a leader in the locker room.”

SES: What is a couple of your favorite things about playing football?

Andrews: “I would have to say the main things would be the friendly competition, winning, even though winning isn't everything it's a great part of the game.”

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