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Chester King Ready To Put In Work At Fortius Project

Lewisburg High School has one of the grittiest running backs in the state in rising senior Chester King. He can hurt defenses on the edge and between the tackles. King recently signed up for the Fortius Project and SES caught up with him for a quick Q&A.

SES: How do you feel this past season went for you?

King: “Well this past season I had 83 carries for right at 600 yards and right at 7.2 yards a carry. I feel like speed was a huge part of my success running the ball. Last offseason I put in a lot of speed training and agility training and I feel that it showed in the games quite a bit. I still have PLENTY to work on this off-season though.”

SES: You are a very athletic football player, where do you feel is your best position?

King: “My best position is by far running back. I've played it ever since I was in 7th grade and I'm going into my senior year and will be the feature back for my school this coming season. I wouldn't say I'm as much of a power back as I am a shifty speed back, but don't get me wrong, when I have to, I can get low and grind. I believe everyone that's watched me play before knows that if I get the slightest bit of space out there I'm a force to be reckoned with. I am able to do quite a bit with the great O-Line I have!”

SES: What are you hoping to accomplish at the Fortius Project?

King: “At the Fortius Project I am hoping to get noticed. Just as every other athlete out here, I feel like I have talents that aren't noticed as much as they should be! I am going to be there to prove something. I'm going to be there to prove I have what it takes to play at the next level and show I have the leadership skills to take my team to new heights.”

SES: What do you like about what the Fortius Project has to offer?

King: “I've been talking with teammates of mine about signing up for the Fortius Project! I feel it would not only be a great time for us as a team competing against other players around the state, but also a great learning experience.”

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