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Clemons Striving For More

L.C. Clemons is no stranger to success.

Clemons, a rising senior running back and linebacker for the Noxubee County Tigers, knows that hard work and dedication make a successful athlete which, in turn, makes a successful team. This dedication to himself and his team has led Clemons to enroll in the 2017 Fortius Project.

“I feel that we could have worked a little harder last season, but overall I'm proud we made it as far as we did,” Clemons told SES Mississippi. “We're hungry this year.”

The Noxubee County Tigers were on top of the proverbial mountain in their 2014 and 2015 campaigns, winning the 4A State Title both seasons. In 2016, however, the Tigers' hopes for a third-straight state championship were doused on a rainy night at the hands of the Pontotoc Warriors in the North Half Semifinals. This loss serves as motivation for Clemons and his fellow seniors.

“We will never have that feeling again,” Clemons said. “The other seniors and I have to play our part and get the underclassmen on the mindset that we're trying to get another championship.”

Along with being a stepping stone to another state title, The Fortius Project provides Clemons an opportunity to improve his skills and gain recognition from college coaches in the area.

“I'm trying to get my name out there,” Clemons said. “I'm overlooked because of my height.”

Clemons, who stands at 5'10, accounted for 68 total tackles in 2016, 55 of which were solo. Clemons knows, however, that his stats and accolades alone will not give the Tigers another title.

“I hope we start our grind early and work for that championship and get back on top,” Clemons said.

Clemons isn't the only athlete in his family. Clemons' father also played sports at Noxubee County High School and went on to play basketball at Rust College before an injury halted his career. Clemons' brother, Jalil Clemons, currently plays on the defensive line at Starkville High School.

Clemons says that his father's injury serves as motivation to work and strive for athletic success.

“My father wants my brother and I to be the athletes that he could have been,” Clemons said. “He pushes us to our full potential.”

**Photo by Noxubee County Staff.

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