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Turnage Walking The Walk

Lafayette entered the 2016 season with very few certainties. They would take the field with a new head coach and a lot of young, unproven players. One of those young men, Brandon Turnage would make his presence known in a hurry. The 6-1, 180 pound athlete exploded onto the scene. He shut down wide receivers while playing on the corner and he made secondaries look silly while lining up at wide receiver.

What stood out the most is throughout each game, it was clear that Turnage was having the time of his life. He plays with a lot of joy and passion. When asked what he loves most about playing the game, he gave a great competitor’s answer.

“I love getting into the receiver’s head,” Turnage laughed. “It’s pretty awesome. I talk a little smack to them, and let them know that they won't have a reception.”

It is easy to talk but to back up what you say takes a lot of work. Turnage put in that work for his team this past season. He could talk the talk because he had the ability to walk the walk.

“I feel like I played my role as a teammate,” Turnage told SES Mississippi. “I made some great plays to help the team out.”

Turnage played a lot of different positions for the Dores in his sophomore season. He caught 23 passes for 381 yards and a few scores. He totaled 54 tackles with seven interceptions, two of those picks he returned for touchdowns. He even threw and completed a pass.

For the super athlete, although he is happy to line up anywhere he is asked, he believes one position suits him best.

“Defensive back,” Turnage said. “It has just become natural to me.”

Even after an outstanding season that saw the Dores hoist the golden ball over their heads in Starkville, Turnage says he has plenty of work to do this offseason because he knows when toe meets leather for the start of the 2017 season, Lafayette will have a target on their backs.

“I’m working more on my back pedal and my breaking speed,” Turnage explained. “I hope they don’t stop throwing my way. I have to get my interceptions.”

**Photo by Keith Warren at the MHSAA.

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