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RtN: Tupelo Christian's Khi Holiday

The TCPS Eagles football program has reached a level of unprecedented success the past two seasons. With 15 wins in the rearview and 1A competition to come in 2016, big things are happening in Belden, Mississippi.

A new face, with a familiar name on the back of his jersey, will look to help the Eagles next fall. Rising freshman receiver Khi Holiday, and son of head coach Shaune Holiday, could make an impact early in his career due to his speed and quickness.

“I have to focus on my speed and weight, but I am in the weight room and doing drills to help with both,” Holiday told SES Mississippi. “My expectations for my freshman year are to excel in the weight room and exceed the number of touchdowns I scored this past season. I’m a born leader and I think I will be a leader for my team next year.”

He credits his sportsmanship and willingness to do whatever it takes for his team to be good as the reasons for his effective leadership.

The goals he immediately has in front of him don’t stop at just that, however. He has a big vision for what the future can hold.

“I hope to help my team to make the playoffs next season and to be one of the best ninth grade receivers in the state,” he noted. “In school I am working to be a leader in the classroom and to be the best student I can be.

“In the future I hope Gold blesses me to be able to play at the highest level.”

Speaking of the highest level, there are two players in the NFL that Holiday likes to keep his eyes on.

“Dak(Prescott) because he is a leader, and Odell(Beckham) because he is the best receiver in the NFL. I love to catch and dance on the field,” Holiday said.

While no one can tell is the NFL is in the talented youngster’s future, the facts are that he has already made plenty of noise so far. That includes being named to the Future Stars All-star team for Mississippi and receiving invites to the O-D All-american game, SEC Youth All-american game as well as the NPFA All-star game. In baseball he has been invited to USA team tryouts.

Even with so many accolades to his name early in his career, he is driven to be the best.

“I serve a God that said I can do all in him, so I trust in him and put my work in,” He explained. “People think I am small, so I want to show size does not matter.”

Playing for his dad has proven to be a positive experience for the blossoming star.

“I love it when my dad coaches me because he coaches me hard,” Holiday stated. “He always tells me that when the people are asleep, I need to work. In school and in sports.”

Away from the gridiron Holiday has plenty of other interests, which includes looking nice.

“I like to wear different color suits, with solid colors and then a different-colored bottom,” He explained.

He also noted that he prefers bow ties to neck ties.

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