• John Macon Gillespie

Craig Talks Special 2016, What’s To Come in 2017

Cleveland East Side receiver Traveyon Craig will look back on 2016 as a really big year in his football career one day. Not only was he named to the All-combine team at the Fortius Project in the offseason, but he also put together a record-breaking year on the gridiron this fall.

His 30 total touchdowns on the season set the school record for career touchdowns. He rushed in it 24 times and caught six scoring passes.

“It was the highlight moment of the year for me,” Craig said of breaking the career touchdown record as a junior.

The East Side Trojans finished 12-2 on the year, with the season coming to an end in the third round of the playoffs at the hands of Charleston. It was tough to end the seaon with a loss, says Craig, but he’s already moved on.

“It was better than last year for me. It was hard losing those two games, but we had a good run,” Craig told SES Mississippi.

“I’ve already started working for next season.”

Speaking of next season, Craig and his teammates are set to undergo a big change. Cleveland-East Side and Cleveland high will be merging together.

It is a challenging situation, as he says that he not only knew his role on this team, but he also felt his teammates had really bonded well away from the field. He and his teammates understand and trust each other greatly. Now, with whole new group of guys, the situation changes. That also brings up questions and uncertainty for what the future may hold.

“Football is going to be totally different, because we’re going to have to start all over,” He explained. “We have very different offenses and with a new head coach, we don’t know what to expect. We are accustomed to what we’ve been doing and it’s going to take time for us to come together.”

Those, aren’t the only things Craig will miss. His competitive side is also affected by this change.

“I was hoping that we could stay separate because I like playing against them,” Craig noted.

There’s no doubt, however, that no matter what his future squad looks or plays like, Craig will have a role. His talent stands out in any group, as he showed at Fortius.

“My explosiveness is what allows me to be good in many areas,” Craig explained when asked of his most prominent assets. “I give everything I got every play.”

“My best skills are my elusiveness and my ball-carrying vision.”

Before he takes the field for a new team in 2017, though, he has plans to get better. Through working even harder and attending camps.

“Hopefully that will get my name out,” He said. “Being an upcoming senior I hope to receiver some offers. My goals are to play in the Under Armour all-american game and to be the talk across the nation. To put my community and school on the map.”


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