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Remember The Name: Camron Richardson

When it comes to offensive linemen the state of Mississippi is known for producing athletic and agile players. Rising freshman Camron Richardson of Jackson certainly fits that bill.

He is cousins with former Mississippi State offensive lineman Jamaal Claiborne, and he would love nothing more than to follow in Clayborn’s foot steps one day by playing college football.

Richardson notes Clayborn as one of the players he watches and is influenced by. The other is three-time pro bowler Travis Frederick of the Dallas Cowboys, a 2013 1st round draft pick.

“How they use their hands and move their feet,” Richarson said when asked what he sees when he watches Clayborn and Frederick. “Plus I like how they finish their blocks.”

The similarity he sees in his game and that of his two favorite players is, “how they use their strength to move the line.”

Strength is one the youngster’s best assets early in his career, without question. However, he also notes pass blocking as one of his strong points.

Those two qualities, along with his impressive 6-foot, 245-pound frame, have allowed him to excel in the sport of football at a young age. Though he credits things other than his natural abilities.

“Keeping my head in my school studies, keeping God first in everything I do and having the support of my family and friends,” He replied when asked the reason for his early success.

Richardson’s abilities haven’t gone unnoticed. He’s received numerous accolades and has been recognized by many already.

“I played in the Adidas showcase camp and finished top 10 in my class,” Richardson told SES Mississippi.

Additionally he has been invited to the NexGen All-American game, as well as the Rising Star game, plus the Future Stars league game - Mississippi vs. Louisiana and he’s been named a Mississippi Prospects All-star. Those are just a few in a very long list.

Looking forwards, Richardson has dreams of playing football for a long time. It is a sport he says he fell in love with at the age of five, as he played little league for his uncle’s team, with his older cousins.

“What drives me the most is my determination,” he explained. “I love the challenges and competitiveness of the sport.”

“My goals are to become better in football and in the classroom. My mom always says to be a scholar-athlete, stay true to myself in life, become a role model for someone just like me and make my family proud.”

When he isn’t focusing on school or the gridiron, Richardson enjoys spending time with his family. Also, he likes to play video games with his friends. Some of his favorite games include NBA 2K17, Madden 17 and Call of Duty.


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