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Williams Bringing His Versatility To Fortius Project

Jasper Williams is looking to use an eventful offseason to bust onto the scene in 2017. One of his first opportunities to show his athletic ability will be on February 25th at Itawamba Community College, at the Fortius Project. Williams is a 6'1 185lb 2019 RB/LB from Grenada High School, where he was apart of the 9-3 Grenada Chargers team that finished second in 5A Region 2.

Williams is coming off a sophomore season, where he saw limited action at running back and outside linebacker, but if you turn on his film you can see his athletic potential jump out of the screen. "I want to become a better athlete, and improve my speed," Williams explained on what area of his game he would like to improve on the most over the offseason. He will have a great opportunity to make an impact on the field, during the 2017 season for Grenada Head Coach James Kuhn.

Jasper Williams only has one goal he would like to accomplish during his junior season, "I just want to win a state ring with my brothers, because Grenada hasn't had one in so long," Williams told SES Mississippi. The fact that Jaspers' most important goal he wants to accomplish next season is a team goal instead of an individual goal says a lot about the young man's character.

"We just need to work a lot in the weight room and condition to just get bigger, faster, and stronger", Williams said on what Grenada needs to do this offseason to compete for the State Championship next season.

The Chargers will be without several of their playmakers from last seasons squad when the season gets underway in August, most notably Grenada will be missing Louisville signee C.J Avery and Memphis commit Javaris Russell. So it will be necessary for new faces to step up, like Jasper Williams if the Grenada Chargers are able to make a championship run in 2017.

Williams will be looking to prove himself when he competes at the Fortius Project on February 25th. "I want to become a better athlete, and to show that I can play more than just one position," Jasper told SES Mississippi on what he wants to accomplish at the Fortius Project.

That other position that Williams is looking to prove himself at, besides running back and linebacker, is quarterback. According to Williams he's going to practice at quarterback a little throughout the spring and summer, along with continuing to work at running back and linebacker.

Jasper Williams will be a player to watch heading into next season, as he looks to have a breakout season for the Grenada Chargers.

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