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Payton Set For Another Camp Circuit

Stringer linebacker Mikquan Payton may come from a 1A school, but his love of football is second to none.

Payton recently competed in the Offense-Defense All-American Game in Atlanta, and in the summer of 2016 attended 17 different football camps to compete with some of the best talent from the state of Mississippi. Payton is motivated to take part in all-star games and camps because he is from a small school.

“It somewhat encourages me to try harder,” Payton told SES Mississippi. “To overcome the fact that I play at a small school, I work harder and attend as many camps as I can to get exposure.”

Payton has been surrounded by athletics his entire life. Payton's aunt, mother, and grandmother all played basketball at Stringer, while his older cousins played football and baseball. Payton admits that his family's athletic tradition plays a part in his competitive nature.

“I come from a family of competitors,” Payton said. “They stayed on me to always strive to make improvements.”

The Red Devils of Stringer had a successful season in 2016, going 8-6 and advancing to the second round of the playoffs before being eliminated, the same round that brought their season to a close in 2015. Payton believes that his Red Devils can get over this postseason hump by working in the offseason.

“I don't think it will take anything different from what we have done the past two years,” Payton said. “Just train and work hard.”

For Payton, this hard work will begin at the first installment of the 2017 Fortius Project at Itawamba Community College on Feb. 25.

“I want to compete with some of the best players in the state and expose my talent,” said Payton.

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