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Jerrion Ealy: All He Does Is Win

Back in the fall of 2009, Ole Miss put together a Cotton Bowl season under Houston Nutt and Mississippi State welcomed Dan Mullen to his first year as the head coach. It seems like forever ago, but something else happened that fall that did not get as much attention. Southwest Lauderdale won their peewee championship. They beat a team led by third grader Jerrion Ealy and it would be the last time he has lost a game.

Ealy is now a sophomore at Jackson Prep and considered on of the top players in the state. Although it has been quite some time since he lost his last football game. It stays with him.

“It was my first year playing pee wee,” Ealy told SES Mississippi. “I was in third grade and we lost to Southwest Lauderdale in the championship game 7-6. I had two touchdowns called back.”

Ealy has been putting together a great season thus far. The Patriots are off to a 7-0 start and are not showing any signs of slowing down.

“It's going well for us,” Ealy said. “We have to come out every week and play hard.”

Also, last week, Ealy rolled off one of the must electrifying punt returns you will ever see. He shrugged it off.

“I was just trying to get good field position for my offense.” Ealy explained. “My size. I am not a very tall guy but I make up for it by the level of my pads.”

Ealy has brought even more attention to Jackson Prep Football. The Patriots currently have the state’s longest win streak and they have a legend in Coach Ricky Black roaming the sideline.

Ealy gave a nod to Coach Black when asked what he loved about being a Patriot.

“The level of coaching I get,” Ealy explained. “The coaching staff has been around for a long time. Coach Black knows a lot of coaches and has produced a lot of collegiate athletes.”

“I've learned that paying attention to details and understanding it is the key,” Ealy said. “The little things are critical. Over run the hole and you could possibly end up with a no gainer while hitting the hole perfect can result into a big play.”

There is no doubt that Ealy has a very bright future in front of him, but when all you know is winning, can it make you numb to racking up W’s?

“I don't take winning for granted,” Ealy said. “I don't like losing and that could be at anything. I try to win everything.”

**Photos by Melinda Courtney.

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