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Coverage Breakdown: Mantachie @ Mooreville

Players to Watch

Mooreville Troopers

Carson Cryder - As the unquestioned emotional leader of the defense Cryder is tasked with making sure his teammates are bringing effort on each play. Additionally, he brings versatility. He often lines up one play as a rush end and the next as a linebacker. Offenses have to account for him or he will disrupt.

Momo Johnson - With the ability to help at just about any skill position on the field, it won’t be hard to keep Johnson in your line of site. See him potentially take handoffs, catch passes and wreck opponents in the return game. He is very quick and fast.

Yoyo Rogers - On just about any good defensive unit you can look to a plugger or a force in the middle of the defensive line. That’s what Rogers is for the Troopers. He is still getting better, stronger and more fit each week.

Andrew Peugh - Perhaps the heart and soul of the entire team, Peugh is tough as nails and has a knack for making plays. He plays running back and receiver, mostly, but he’s taken snaps at quarterback and could even help on defense if needed. He’s got over 100 yards rushing and 150 yards receiving and has scored once each way.

Dylan Hobson - Hobson is the perfect player to play beside Rogers on the defensive line. What Rogers has in size and strength, Hobson has in quickness and motor. He makes it hard on offenses because he can break into the backfield with ease and even when he doesn’t he never stops coming.

Mantachie Mustangs

Logan Pettigo - The alpha dog of this Mustang team is going against his strongest defensive challenge of the season so far. But he will also be chasing Troopers around the field. Pettigo is averaging over 100 yards per game on the ground and has scored three times. He’s also fifth on the team with 10 total tackles.

Bryce Parker - Another player who will be counted on to contribute on both sides of the ball, Parker could actually stand to step up his game on offense. While he’s second on the team with 14 tackles, on offense he just has 50 rushing yards. He can make plays with the ball in his hands, but maybe he just needs it more. Just nine carries so far this season.

Seth Johnson - Though Johnson plays the most important position on the field, quarterback, he, too, helps out on defense. He totaled two tackles in 2015, but has already doubled that this season. On offense, though, he’s been effective on the ground, excluding sacks, but his 23% completion percentage must get better.

Andrew Dill - Mantachie had an every important two-way lineman, Drew Hayes, depart following last season. Now Andrew Dill, who already has a fumble recovery this season, must step up and be an iron man on both sides of the ball. He has the ability to perform well on offense and defense.

Daniel Mangels - Mangels could be the most important player in this game for the Mustangs. Not only does he lead the defense with 18 total tackles, but he’s also averaging nearly 10 yards per carry on offense. He will need to get to ball carriers and wrap them up on Friday night, but he also needs to be effective as a ball carrier himself.

Keys to the Game

Which team can outlast the other? This probably seems obvious, but there are a handful of players who will go both ways for both squads. Last season this game came down to one point.

Which defense can stop the run? Both teams must run the ball to be effective. In fact, both teams could have to rely on the ground game. Which defense will contain the other team’s rushing attack better?

Who will have a pass catcher step up? Both teams have yet to have a receiver emerge as a playmaker. Will one emerge this week?


Momo Johnson

The reason Momo can be an x-factor in this game is because of his speed. His speed can change a game. Perhaps it’s on special teams, but perhaps it’s somewhere else. Just watch for Johnson to change this game at some point with his speed.

**Photo by Cheryl Cork.

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