• John Macon Gillespie

Coverage Breakdown: Lafayette @ Oxford

Players to Watch

Lafayette Commodores (0-2)

Will Ard- Ard controls the offense and if he is on then the entire team is rolling. If he is off, then they will struggle to put points on the board.

Jamarcus Quarles-This junior running back has put together two big games for the Dores. He has been the load offensive bright spot rushing for 304 yards thus far on the season.

Brandon Turnage- Turnage is just a sophomore but has shown glimpses of breakaway speed and big play capabilities.

Amani Johnson- The senior pass rusher is the anchor on the defense. He has great speed off of the ball and good size and strength to blow plays up at the line of scrimmage.

Tyler Williams-Williams is long and athletic in the secondary. Teams have been hesitant to try his so far this season.

Tay Reed- Reed is the force in the middle. When Johnson turns ball carriers back to the middle, Reed cleans it up.

Oxford Chargers (2-1)

JR McClure- McClure had to come up with a play down late in the game against Madison Central. He delivered a 52-yard strike to Barry Flowers and went on to lead the Chargers to the win. He keeps getting better.

Hiram Wadlington- Wadlington had a nice game in Week 1 but has been bottled up ever since. No better time to break free than the Crosstown Classic.

The Charger Flash- Jaquan Webb has not totaled a lot of catches thus far but when he does haul one in it is usually for a big game. His speeds makes him a threat to score any time he touches the football.

Quentin Wilfawn- The 1980’s style linebacker has been racking up tackles this season that has him on pace for around 275 total by season’s end. He completely shuts down the middle and can stretch plays from sideline to sideline. The play ends as soon as he meets the ballcarrier.

CJ Terrell- CJ picked off two passes in week one and has done a fine job of keeping his area contained. He is capable of helping out on run plays, yet still shows great decision making before leaving his coverage area.

Keys to the Game

Oxford needs to re-establish their ground game with Wadlington. Lafayette pass rush may make this a necessity as the game goes on.

Lafayette needs to find the end zone. They have a good running game that can be made even better if the passing game can come into play.

This is a rivalry game. The team that keeps their head and executes, wins.


The Fans-There really isn’t home field advantage at a game like this. Each side needs to be as loud and rowdy as they possibly can. Every little bit helps.

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