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Yoyo Rogers Making Most In Return

Last week Mooreville picked up their first win of the season. It was win number one of first-year head coach John Keith’s career. Offensively the Troopers put up 42 points and the defense threw up a goose egg.

Coming into the season that seemed to be what the Troopers could be. A stout offensive team with Keith’s creativity and a really good defensive team with talent and experience. They flashed that potential last week and will strive to reach that level each week.

Johnquavian “Yoyo” Rogers is a senior defensive lineman and an integral part of the Trooper defense. However, he is also in line to get carries on offense as a jumbo running back.

This is just the first season of varsity football for Rogers, due to him quitting the sport his freshman year. At the time he was being used as an offensive lineman and he felt that didn’t suit him. With coach Keith’s arrival and a refreshed excitement around the football program, Rogers decided to return to the gridiron.

“I felt like it’s where I should be,” Rogers told SES Mississippi. “In ninth grade I just felt like I was too short to be an offensive lineman. I get excited to hit people. I just love hitting people.”

The excitement coach Keith and his staff brought, couple with the fact he could play with his friends on a defense that could be special, it was too much to turn down.

“Playing with so many good players on defense I feel like we can come together and accomplish our goal, which is to dominate,” He said. “The linebackers and the secondary have our backs on the defensive line.”

“I’ve learned from coach Keith that my attitude and discipline have to be right to be successful.”

This week is a game that Rogers has long looked forward to. Mostly, though, he has looked forward to winning this game. He hopes that is just what he and his teammates do. The Troopers have dropped two of the previous three to Mantachie.

“This year they can just leave that trophy at Mooreville. I’ve been waiting to beat them since 8th grade,” Rogers explained. “I’m ready to break this losing streak against them. We won last week and we’re ready to win more. The new coaching staff is here and it’s a new beginning.”

Also exciting for Rogers about this week is that he knows that he will be getting some carries. Running back is a position that he really enjoys and sees himself as a good fit for. Even though he might not look the part of your typical ball carrier.

“I’m quick for my size. I feel like I’m aggressive enough to take the ball and try to run through somebody else,” He said. “Coach is letting me play running back this week and I’m excited about that because I get to prove myself at this spot. I’ve been waiting for a long time to do that.”

One thing is for sure when speaking with Rogers, he wants to win ball games.

“Rough start here at the beginning of the season, but we’re going to play better as a team. We’ll be more committed to what our coaching are asking of us,” He said.

Looking ahead, Rogers knows that tough games await the Troopers in division play. That is also something that excites him.

“I’m ready for division play,” He exclaimed. “We’re going to see how good we are and what we can do. Our division is going to put us to the test.”

**Photo by Cheryl Cork.

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