• John Macon Gillespie

GoW: Through The Air

For two teams that have seen years of dominance, this Thursday night will be a fight for .500. Madison Central is just a heartbeat away from being 3-0 but instead are 1-2. South Panola put up a fight against the top team in the state in week one but came up short before losing again in week two. They now sit at 1-2 on the season.

If anyone can get Madison Central pointed in the right direction it is their quarterback Jack Walker.

Walker has been a constant spark for the Jags throughout his time as the signal caller. However, even his accuracy and leadership have not been enough to get them over the hump so far this season. He 378 yards passing with three scores and three interceptions. He is completing over 70% of his passes thus far.

South Panola has shown a weakness in defending the pass and that could play to the advantage of Walker. He is poised to have a big and a big game could be what it takes to get Madison Central rolling.

For the South Panola Tigers, it has been Patrick Shegog providing one of the only bright spots to what can only be described as a very uncharacteristic start for USP.

Shegog get introduced to serious competition in week one versus thr top ranked Clinton Arrows. He actually kept his guys in it for a while before Cam Akers put the game out of reach. So far this season, Shegog is 21-53 for 270 yards with three scores and three interceptions. He has also

rushed 134 yards and a couple of scores.

Madison Central got beat deep on some passes this past week to Oxford and that seems to be where Shegog thrives. He has a true deep threat in D’Jordan Strong and isn’t afraid to let it fly.

On Thursday night, someone will have to step up and take the lead. Walker has experience and has done this before. Shegog, has the athleticism and emerging playmakers around him.

Whoever comes out of this one on top, may be set to finally make a serious run throughout the rest of the season.

**Madison Central photo by Keith Warren of the MHSAA.

**South Panola photo by Andy Young.

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