• John Macon Gillespie

Future Gets Lucious Fired Up

West Lowndes is 1-1 so far in 2016. Quinshawn Lucious is a dangerous offensive weapon for the Panthers because of his versatility. He is ready for others to recognize he and his team are serious about competing this season.

I want to lead the state in receiving yards, make 1st team all-state, win state and become the top junior in the state,” Lucious told SES Mississippi. “I want people to know they need to stop sleeping on me. I want them to see I’m one of the top juniors in the state.”

Though it has been great for Lucious just to be able to take the field again with his teammates, make no mistake about it. He has his mind fixated on his goals. He wants to win a championship.

“It’s going to take getting more reps at practice, studying film and getting better on defense. If we do those things, I don’t see how we won’t be 1A champs,” He said.

This season Lucious feels that he is a better player than he was in 2015. And he’s also moved off the quarterback spot he dominated from last season.

“I have gotten better at getting to the endzone and being a playmaker instead of being a quarterback. I’ve become more of an athlete,” he explained. “That’s why I’m a big part of the offense we run. I play slot receiver mostly, but I can dominate on the outside also, because of my speed.”

One game that he is looking forward to most is Smithville. The Seminoles were 1A North runners-up in 2015. But it’s about more than that for Lucious. The Panthers lost at Smithville 20-6 in 2015.

“The last time we played them there was a rain delay and we didn’t play them on a level ground,” Lucious explained.

In week one Lucious totaled 33 yards on four carries and added two catches, both for scores, and 60 yards. He is sure to continue to impress for the rest of the season. Part of that could be due to the tunes he takes in before games.

“After the team dinner I go in the locker room and listen to some Future to get me turnt,” Lucious stated.

Maybe it’s the Future that makes Lucious so good on Friday nights when they “Turn on the Lights.”

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