• John Macon Gillespie

New QB Running Things Between The Bricks

On a night that the sloppy field conditions and countless penalties made it difficult to tell very much at all about the Laurel Tornadoes, one thing was crystal clear. Coach Todd Breland may have found his next Keon Howard.

Sophomore Sinclair Ulmer took the majority of the snaps at quarterback for Laurel on Friday night and even on a field that was more mud pit than grass, Ulmer was poised and on target.

Ulmer threw the deep ball with touch and was able to put pepper on his short passes. When Quitman looked as if they may challenge and the game needed to be hurried along, Ulmer would go up top to the same targets that his predecessor found loads of times. His play, more importantly, will allow Laurel to use their big time player, TyQuan Ulmer in places he can do the most damage.

The exclamation point came late in the third quarter when Ulmer through a dart to senior receiver Dontario Drummond in the end zone. It was not a pass that many QBs would have been able to fit in with a football that was caked up with mud and water. However, Ulmer put it in the one place his receiver could get to it. Drummond pulled it down and with that the new era of quarterback Between the Bricks began.

Laurel claimed the win 31-0 and will now prepare for rival Hattiesburg next week. It will be interesting to see how things go for Ulmer and the Tornadoes this season in a region that is wide open.

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