• John Macon Gillespie

It Is Knight Time For West Point

A few months removed from his first day at West Point, Clayton Knight is pretty excited to be a Green Wave. Though moves of any kind can be stressful, he has found comfort in the hospitality from those around him in the community. He has a new group of brothers around him and newfound support from fans that love their team.

As a senior in 2016, Knight still has many things ahead of him that he is working towards. He wants to earn a scholarship to play at the next level and he wants to win a championship. The culture at West Point expects those things of their players. It has proven to be a great fit between the two parties.

“The transition was shaky at first. Until spring practice started,” Knight told SES Mississippi. “When the spring started I felt like I found my place.”

There was some figuring to do when the news was first announced. Marcus Murphy was one of the most electrifying playmakers in the entire state as a sophomore last season. He quarterbacked the Green Wave all the way to the 5A North title game. In the end, a playmaker is exactly what Murphy is, and Knight taking over at quarterback allows him make a greater impact.

Knight has already made friends on the team that he hangs out with outside of football activities. He’s developed a bond with head coach Chris Chambless as well as the entire staff that he values greatly. He has become a part of the family in a short time.

“Every player on the team has taken me in as if I’d been here my whole life, even the students at school. All the coaches take care of you. They will just call and check on you randomly. They are just all around good guys. They are all about winning, so that has made for a good combination,” Knight explained.

While being part of the family and beloved by the town has made him feel comfortable, the culture of the program has challenged him and made him better. The amount of desire, passion, energy, effort focus and work it takes to be a player for West Point has opened his eyes. He enjoys being in the company of others who share his desire and love for the game.

“The whole town, school and football program is all about winning. The Friday nights in the fall are what everyone looks forward to throughout the whole year,” He stated.

Also earning the respect of his teammates is the game he has displayed since he arrived in Clay county. He played gutsy in the spring game against Meridian and has been impressive in 7-on-7 action this summer.

“The spring game performance was a great overall win,” Knight said. “This summer we’ve only lost two 7-on-7 games. The weight room has been killer, I’ve gained 10 pounds. Everyone has been working hard and it’s shaping up to be a legendary season.”

It is clear that Knight is riding a wave of momentum and confidence heading into the season. The Green Wave will be challenged greatly throughout the season, particularly in their first six games. He and his teammates have their sights set on, “winning them all.”

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