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Glenn III Has Big Goals For Homecoming

It has been a busy offseason for Daryell Glenn III, but with his future in focus he’s hardly noticed. His game has benefitted from putting in time with his coaches. Frequent camp workouts have contributed to his improvements, as well.

On top of it all, he’s made the move from Hattiesburg High School to North Forrest High. But that transition has gone smoothly because for Glenn, it is a homecoming of sorts.

“My mom and dad went here. This is where they met. She was smart in the books and ran track, while my dad played football. I’m also smart in the books, plus I plan on running track and I already play football,” Glenn told SES Mississippi. “The program at North Forrest is all about competition. We compete in everything we do. The coaches here are very passionate about the game. They push us to give our best.”

“The summer is going great. I have really improved my route running and learned more ways to attack my defender. Coach has really took time out to show us different ways to attack our defenders. I really think this will be a big year for the Eagles.”

Not only does Glenn feel that 2016 will be a big year for his new team, but also for himself. He has goals in mind that will challenge him and his teammates to push for the best they can be, something Eagle coaches have tried to instill in their players.

“I’m really focused on being one of the under-the-radar prospects. I want to show the world I am a playmaker,” He explained. “My goals are to have at least 45 catches for at least 800 yards. My role model, Odell Beckham Jr., had 45 catches for 700-plus yards his junior season at a 2A school. I want to finish my junior season with at least one offer from any division one school.”

“The team goals are to take every game one-by-one and execute. We want to make sure we start strong and finish strong.”

Though Glenn is looking to reel in a division one offer this season, that’s not exactly where he is looking to end up. Not initially, anyways. He is looking at his college career through a different lens after watching former Hattiesburg high star Brandon Acker have success on the junior college level first.

“I want to go to a junior college first so I can get a better feeling of moving to the next level in my career. I really grew up looking to go division one, but throughout my career I’ve noticed junior colleges. When it comes to JUCOs, Mississippi is top rated for me,” Glenn said. “Brandon Acker, who came from Hattiesburg, went to East Mississippi and they did what they had to do to get him ready for D1 football.”

“Jones county junior college has a great staff. I went to a 7-on-7 there and they treat you like family. They welcomed all the teams like we were their own. Their field is great also.”

Before he makes his way to college, though, he has more challenging goals set for himself.

“I want to have two state championship rings and finish high school with a 3.6 grade point average. I want to run a 4.46, set numerous school receiving records and have five or more division one offers, with an offer from Jones County JC or East Mississippi CC,” He stated.

**Photo by Zac Chamblee.

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