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Catching Up With Barry Flowers

There has been a lot of buzz about the Oxford Chargers defensive secondary. As there should be. It is loaded with playmakers. This past season it was the Oxford offense that drew a lot of attention. Hoever, most of those stars have graduated leaving some unknowns tasked with filling some very big shoes.

One of those up and coming wide receivers is Barry Flowers. SES touched base with him today in between games at the Medicomp 7-on-7.

SES: How is the tournament going so far?

BF: “Good, We’ve won two so far and one team had to forfeit so we are 3-0.”

SES: How has it been having JR McClure at QB for you guys?

BF: “I like having him as my QB. This is my second year working with him and he’s been pretty good.”

SES: A lot of very talented receivers graduated this past May. Do you think you and the others returning can step up to the level those guys played at last year?

BF: “Yes, sir. Most people don’t know about the upcoming receivers that we have and they think we are not going to be as good as last year. I know we can play on the same level as they did or even better.”

SES: What are you for on this summer to make you better in the fall?

BF: “I’ve been working hard in the weight room and throwing with JR working on my routes at different times. I’ve also been working on drills to get my speed up. These 7-on-7’s help me out a lot.”

SES: What are your goals for the coming season?

BF: “My main goal is to take it game by game and lead the Chargers to the 5A State Championship and get the job done. Another is to get my name out there and finish the season with 1,000-plus yards.”

**Photo by Jared Redding.

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