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SES TN: Davis Passing His Passion To Brother

Though he’s only approaching the start of his junior season, Southwind’s Jordan Davis has already emerged as one of the best athletes in Tennessee. Along with that skill and talent, his size and versatility have made him a coveted prospect already. Not only has he sharpened those skills this past spring and this summer in team workouts, but he has also put those skills on display this summer at camps.

So far he’s camped at two SEC schools, Ole Miss and Missouri, with plans to attend a camp at Mississippi State, as well. Currently his only offer comes from the hometown Memphis Tigers. However, the three SEC schools he’s seen might not be far behind.

“I’ve enjoyed the coaching staffs and how much interest they’ve shown in me. I like how every coach asks about my life outside of football,” Davis told SES Tennessee. “I really like the scenery and the people at the schools I’ve been to.”

“What I’ve learned at practice and camps so far is how you have to push yourself when things are getting hard. I’ve also learned how to teach players how to do the right things on the field.”

Despite great improvement this summer, he’s still looking to get better. Mainly, the small, detail things are where he wants to improve. He would like to be better at using his hands on the field, and that is something that begins with how he uses them at camps.

Practice with his team this summer has been productive. He’s using the lessons he’s learned at camps to be a better teammate and a better leader at his school.

“Being the captain of the team, I have to work hard to show the new guys how their work ethic should be,” He explained. “The reason I’m a captain is because of my coaches and my school. I say that because teachers, students, my coaches and even the principal tell me every day that they have high expectations for me. Not just on the field but in the classroom.”

“I want all of us to go to college and just make it in life.”

His leadership stretches beyond his teammates, peers and his school, though. As he mentioned, he enjoys other things in life outside of football, too. In addition to working out, he also likes to help his mother and his younger brother.

“I come from a single-parent home so it’s just me, my mom and my brother. What pushes me is seeing my mom work day and night,” Davis said. “The most important thing to me is teaching my brother how to stay humble and being a helping hand for my mom.”

“Helping my mom and also spending time with brother are what I like to do most. I enjoy spending time with him helping him get better as a football player and helping him just to be a child.”

Passing football on to his brother is important to him because Davis has loved the game since he scored his first touchdown in his first little league game. To this day, that is his favorite memory with the sport he loves so much. However, the sport has come to mean so much more to him.

“When I play football, all my stress goes away. That’s why I love it so much,” He said. “Also, it keeps me focused in the classroom, because without grades I can’t get into college and play the game I love.”

Playing in Memphis is something that is not lost on Davis. In fact, he’s proud to play football in the Bluff city and feels that is has prepared him for the next level.

“Football in Memphis is very competitive. There are a lot of talented players here who are under the radar,” Davis stated. “Most of the small schools that we play against have players that have more than just size and speed. Most importantly, they have good grades. Even the big schools have players under the radar. I know a lot of players that have the grades and knowledge to go to the next level.”

**Photo by Thurman Richardson.

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