• John Macon Gillespie

Football Provides Escape For Morphis

With playmakers returning all over the place, the coach Jeff Carter and the Pontotoc Warriors are dangerous heading into the 2016 season.

Rising senior quarterback Jacob Carter brings a boatload of experience to the offensive unit. He is set to be fully healthy by the time this season comes around. He has playmakers around him that could lead to be a big season for Carter and his teammates in The Hollow.

But the impact made by rising junior Austin Morphis could be most vital to Pontotoc this fall. He will be counted on to beat the other team’s best corner, while also shutting down receivers on the other side of the ball.

“I think my quickness and my eye for the ball,” Morphis said when asked what makes him effective at both positions.

The goals and expectations for what the team can do this season are clear in the eyes of Morphis and his teammates.

“We are looking for number one in our division and hopefully a state championship. We are going to accomplish a lot,” Morphis told SES Mississippi.

“In my opinion, I don’t think it was a very successful season last year. This year I’m focusing on getting my weight up and improving my hands.”

Unfortunately, he was limited due to a back injury this spring. But he was able to get a good look at the team and what they must work on, as well.

“It was good practice. We’ve still got to work out a couple of things offensively, but our defense is solid,” He stated. “We need to work on our execution on offense, and knowing where we need to be. Other than that, it was a good spring.”

The pursuit of success isn’t the only thing that has Morphis looking forward to this coming season. He enjoys representing the Warriors on Friday nights in the Hollow. Heck, he even enjoys practicing there.

“It’s like a privilege every time to learn and play down in The Hollow,” He said. “The atmosphere is always electric when running out of that helmet. It gives me chills every time.”

Football is an escape for 6’3 two-way star. It something that provides a release for him. It is also something he is very good at and loves very much. He shared his best football experience with me.

“When I was in junior high, we were at New Albany. We were down by three points and we were on the 50-yard line. I was like ‘coach, throw it to me.’ When the fourth quarter rolled around coach asked ‘Morphis, are you ready?’ He did and we won,” He explained.

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