• John Macon Gillespie

Bolton Claims STRONGER Award

The final Fortius Project of 2016 was hosted last Saturday at Biloxi high school. Jonathan Bolton, a Fortius all-combine performer April 2nd at MRA, was named the Stronger award winner.

I remember being surprised back in early April that a 10th grader was as strong as Bolton is. His athleticism was matched by few in attendance that day, as well.

“At MRA the competition level was really high and if you are not competing against the best you will not get any better,” Bolton told SES Mississippi.

When he arrived on Saturday, it was clear that the offseason has been productive for him. He looked bigger, stronger and even more athletic, on Saturday.

The Purvis running back is going to be a load this season, and with two years left with the Tornadoes, he is likely to pop up on SEC radars before long. He shined bright at Fortius on Saturday.

“I liked it,” Bolton said of his second trip to the Fortius Project. “The experience Saturday was different from the past Fortius Project. The competition was really good.”

He was accompanied by three of his teammates. Conner Cook, CJ Bolar and Thomas King, were each impressive-looking athletes, as well. They were each named to the all-combine team.

“The bond between me and my teammates is very special,” Bolton stated. “We are going to have an edge over everybody because we all play together. Coach Perry Wheat is always talking about leadership and I think that is a big part of leadership.”

Though the moment just before kickoff is Bolton’s favorite part about playing football, he also enjoys going to camps. Going around to camps and competing against the best is something he has enjoyed and something that has taken him to another level.

“I’m driven by competition and going to camps. While other people are doing nothing, I’m getting better than them,” He explained. “If I compete like I do at Fortius, I can compete to be the best in everything else I do.”

He says that one of his coaches asks him every day, “How good do you want to be?”

“That’s the most important thing. It’s all about ‘finishing’ in the fourth quarter when you are tired,” the talented rising junior said.

Additionally, the thing that Bolton feels has been most impressive about him at the camps he’s competed at is his speed, quickness and size, at his age.

With the STRONGER award in his pocket, Bolton is already a candidate to be the 2016 SES PrimeTime award. He could be in line for a monster season, just as his teammates Bolar, Cook and King, could be.

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