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Catching Up With Kam White

Kam White does a little bit of everything for the Clinton Arrows. His size and athleticism make him an asset of both sides of the football. His ability to make big plays with the ball in his hands made him a favorite target of quarterback Cam Akers. White is now set for his final season at Clinton and his focus is locked in on the 6A Title.

SES: How was the spring for you and the Arrows?

White: “Spring went great for us we had guys fill in spots we needed,” White told SES Mississippi. “We also got stronger and bonded as brothers.”

SES: Did any of the younger players standout in your mind?

White: “Well, I would say the best one that stood out to me was our slot,” White explained. “We call him CJ(Christian Johnson) and our offensive and defensive line stepped up big time.”

SES: What are you guys working on this summer and what are the goals for the fall?

White: “We know we have to get stronger and make sure everybody knows how to do their job,” White said. “We are trying to win a championship, nothing less, we aren't settling to lose in the second round anymore. That's the goal of everybody on our team, coaches and all.”

SES: Clinton has turned into the recruiting hotspot of the South. How are you managing to stay focused with all that is going on around you?

White: “I put the team first and let my family and I deal with the recruiting when we get home and on trips. “In season, I'm not really too focused on recruiting. I'm focused on my team.”

SES: You are getting ready to play your final season at Clinton. What will you miss and what have you loved about being an Arrow?

White: “I’m going to miss the people around me and the support and my brothers that I've made here. I’ll miss the coaches that have trained me to be at my best and have pushed my limits. Also, I will miss the fan support and from the student support and my friends. I'm going to miss all of it.”

**Photo by Keith Warren of the MHSAA.

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