• John Macon Gillespie

Competition Shines Bright In Fortius Projects

The Fortius Project camp series debuted on March 5th at Petal high school. Since that day, the Fortius Project has also visited Madison-Ridgeland academy on April 2nd and Itawamba Community College on April 30th.

Webb Lewis, the founder and creator of the Fortius Project, and I have enjoyed each of the camps. We’ve been blown away by all the talented players we’ve seen. It’s been impressive to watch each group of campers, at each location, forge chemistry and friendly, competitive bonds in just a few short hours.

Equal to the talent has been the quality of the character and attitude displayed by nearly every camper to come to a Fortius event. To get a closer look at so many of Mississippi’s best athletes on Fridays in the fall is to see what’s really special about high school football in this state.

With that said, the competition across the board at each of the camps has been the most impressive aspect so far.

It is what competitors talk most about when they mention things they look forward to about the camps. It is also what they mention after they leave. The competition has left an impact on Webb and I, as well.

“I wanted to get a chance to compare my skills against the best in Mississippi,” D’Iberville offensive lineman Louis Smith said when asked why he chose to attend the March 5th Fortius Project.

Most players are coming to get better or to showcase their skills, to get an idea of where they are in relation to their peers, but most come because of the allure of competing against the best in their home state.

Fortius has hosted names like Wayne Overman, Jordan Murphy, O’Bryan Goodson, Clayton Knight, Zac Montgomery, Rodney Hawkins, Austin Watkins and more.

A few of the most impressive competitors from the three events so far have been: Kegan Huddleston, Dontario Drummond, Logan Vanderberry, Wyatt Davis, Diante Brocks, Brian Collins, Juwan Taylor, Nick Stinson, D’jordan Strong, Onias Parks and many more.

“It was a competitive experience,” Wyatt Davis told SES Mississippi following the March 5th Fortius at Petal. “I love competing with the best. It makes you better at the end of the day.”

Players come to Fortius to compete and they leave raving about the competitive experiences.

Watching that competition, between talented competitors, has been for Webb and I.

“The camps have proven that the talent in Mississippi is unmatched,” Lewis said. “Players have come from every nook and cranny of the state and have competed at a high level. They push themselves and each other to be their absolute best, and most importantly, the athletes are having a great time doing what they love.”

On June 4th, the Fortius Project will make its fourth stop at Biloxi high school. Getting to the Mississippi gulf coast area was a priority for Webb and I from the origins of Fortius. The talent is their in the region and we are ready to see it.

So show up to show us what you’ve got and to compete against the best.

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