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Catching Up With MRA's Hayden Davis

MRA quarterback Hayden Davis had a very strong sophomore season for the Pats and it looked as if he would easily best that in 2015 before a serious knee injury cut ended his season in just the second game.

He has been working hard rehabbing the knee and putting in the work to make himself ready to lead in 2016. We had a chance to catch up with him and see just how far he has come in the recovery process.

SES: First off, how’s the knee?

Davis: “Doing great, running around cutting on it full speed. I wouldn't say I'm full speed linear yet, probably 70 to 80 percent. No contact yet but I've been full speed all spring.”

SES: Has your timing with your receivers caught back up to speed or do you still have some rust to knock off?

Davis: “I would say I'm more accurate than I've ever been, all I've been able to work on is small fundamentals. An example is a coach that recruited me last year didn't like me as much and this year he said this knee injury has helped me in his opinion.”

SES: How’s the team looking this spring?

Davis: “It's going good, lots of learning to do. “I like our attitude a lot though. It will help when we get everybody out. We didn't have baseball out all spring and got the track guys for only half the time.”

Davis and the Patriots will look to climb back to the state title game again in 2016 only this, time hoping to leave with the crown.

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