• John Macon Gillespie

Nick Patterson Set For Early Impact

Biloxi High School will enter the 2016 season looking to move as far away from the 2015 season as possible. They will do so with veteran playmaker Tim Jones and transfer quarterback Tucker Talley. It looks like they will also get help from a young man that just wrapped up his eighth grade year of school. Yes, you read that correctly.

Nick Patterson belongs to the Class of 2020 and just went through spring football with the Biloxi High Indians, a learning experience that could lead to serious playing time in the fall.

“It is going very well,” Patterson told SES Mississippi. “I was playing in with the ones at H-back and tight end.”

Although only a rising freshman, Patterson stands at 6-1, 200-pounds. He has a skill set that can make him dangerous with the ball in his hands, whether its handed to him from the H or tossed to him at tight end.

It can’t be easy going from eighth grade ball to running with the varsity all in the span of a few months but Patterson believes he is settling into it just fine.

“It's been an adjustment but I really like Coach (Bobby) Hall and his staff,” Patterson said. “We have a great group with our young guys and I'm getting more comfortable.”

This off-season, Patterson says he plans to put in work to improve his game both on the field and in the playbook so that he can solidify his spot with varsity and help the Indians win.

“Play varsity and get better with my blocking technique,” Patterson explained. “Understanding the offense to get me ready for this fall and try to help out my team.”

Patterson, who knows a thing or two about quarterbacks, says that transfer quarterback Tucker Talley has been impressive this spring.

“I'm looking to develop a relationship with him,” Patterson said. “He has a strong arm and seems to be pretty athletic. I’m looking forward to catching balls from him.”

Why does he know a thing or two about quarterbacks? He comes from a football family. His oldest brother Sean was a three-year starting QB at Duquesne and is now on staff with Hugh Freeze and the Ole Miss Rebels. His other brother is Shea. Shea is currently a true freshman QB at Ole Miss.

Shea was the top quarterback in the nation for the Class of 2016 and is poised to do big things in the SEC. A fact that Nick says comes up every now and then when people find out who his brother is.

“I'm just used to it,” Patterson said. “I'm proud to have him as a brother and also my older brother coaches at Ole Miss. It helps me for what I'm going through now.”

In the span of one year, Patterson will go from eighth grade ball to right dab in the middle of one of the most competitive 6A divisions in the entire state. He has the size and strength to hold his own and he seems to also have what it takes upstairs to handle it.

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