• John Macon Gillespie

Dynamic Duos: St. Stanislaus' Myles Brennan & Chase Rogers

It is hard to find a better dynamic duo in the entire country than that of St. Stanislaus quarterback Myles Brennan and tight end Chase Rogers.

The two have already put up a ridiculous amount of yards and touchdowns in their career. Brennan is on pace to throw for over 15,000 yards for his career and Rogers will flirt with 4,000 career receiving yards before all is said and done.

Brennan, who is an LSU commit, and Rogers, who is a Tennessee commit, took the time to answer some questions about how they have been causing defensive coordinators to have nightmares for the past few seasons.

SES: More times than not you guys are unstoppable. What do you think makes you guys so difficult to defend?

Brennan: “We just are a level above everybody. We put in more work than anyone and it separates us from the rest. Our knowledge for the game is superior.”

Rogers: “It's his (Brennan) abilities to see me open and put the ball in the right spot for me to catch it, and then also going along with the miss matches I create with DB's.”

SES: Myles, when you guys need a big play, does Chase pop into your mind pre-snap?

Brennan: “At times yes sir, I know since he (Rogers) is such a big target that I can find him easily and know he will make a big play once he gets the ball in his hands.”

SES: Chase, what’s going through your mind when you go up for a ball knowing you are going to take a big hit?

Rogers: “I'm thinking, it's either I catch the ball and get hit or I drop the ball and get hit, either way I'm going to get hit so catch the ball.”

SES: You guys only have one more season together. How are you guys hoping to go out?

Brennan: “We are hoping to go out on top of course! But the stats don't impact me one bit, I don't play for stats, I play for Stanislaus and for my team! We will just play every game for each other.”

Rogers: “We are hoping to stay on track with our last few years and this time finish in the championship.”

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