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Jeremy Tate Shows Out At Fortius

The skill positions were loaded with talent at last weeks Fortius Project camp at ICC. At 6’4, New Hope pass catcher Jeremy Tate stood above the competition. The rising senior showed off a skillset that is sure to make him a superstar for the Trojans in 2016.

Even more impressive than his tall, rangy frame was his ability to control his size and move with such fluidity. He routinely out-jumped his defender to pluck passes out of the air. Also uncommon for a player his size, he possessed the acceleration to get by his opponents right off the line of scrimmage.

“I liked the competition and how the atmosphere was at the camp,” Tate told SES Mississippi. “Saturday was great.”

“I can’t really say what made me effective. It was just the things I do with my dad and work out. I stood out because I just stay with my technique and the little things.”

Though he can’t put his finger on why he was able to shine, he does know where he shined the brightest.

“The 7-on-7s and 1-on-1s,” He replied when asked where he felt he performed best.

Competition seemed to elicit the best in Tate. That is a skill that could also take him to the super star level on the gridiron next season. However, before he reaches that point, he knows there are areas he can improve.

“I’m going to take the things I messed up on and get better at them,” He said. “Getting out of my breaks faster is one of those things I need to improve.”

The message Fortius Project founder and creator, Webb Lewis, shared after the camp focused on relationships like Tate shares with his father. Lewis spoke about those who are responsible for you being where you are in life. The bond between the father and son is very close, as Tate shared.

“It’s unexplainable, he’s like a brother to me and everything,” he explained.

The talented wide receiver has set high expectations for himself in 2016. He says, only through “hard work and trusting in God,” will help him reach his goals. But he is not letting those particular goals come before his number on priority.

“For my team I want us to be district champ. For myself I want to have at least 1,000 yards and 15 touchdowns,” Tate expressed.

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