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Lucious Looks Up To Cam Newton

Whether he’s lining up behind center, beside the quarterback or out wide, Quinshawn Lucious has one job, to make plays. The West Lowndes rising junior mostly lines up quarterback, where he can tote it or sling it. Last season he rushed and threw for 13 touchdowns. All while totaling 853 yards passing and another 503 on the ground.

However, his season was cut short due to a high-ankle sprain in the ninth game of the season, a home contest against Vardaman. He would miss the following five games. The Panthers won the next four games without him, but were defeated by Simmons in the second round of the playoffs.

“My season was off to a good start until I suffered the high-ankle sprain. That cost me the season,” Lucious told SES Mississippi. “I was pretty mad about it, that I couldn’t finish my sophomore season. But I just worked hard to recover, running every day.”

The frustration of not being able to finish out the ride with his teammates last season will be a chip on his shoulder that drives him in his final two years at West Lowndes. Not only is he ready to put in the hard work to accomplish his goals, that process has already begun.

“I want to win the state championship back-to-back and stack my offers,” He replied when asked what lies ahead of him.

In addition to hanging with family and friends, the other thing he enjoys doing the most when he’s not playing is visiting colleges. As you could imagine, he’s taking a special liking to the campus around 20 miles and one county over, Mississippi State.

Interestingly enough, the athletic signal caller compares himself to a former Auburn quarterback who just nearly ended playing for the nearby Bulldogs.

“I look up to Cam Newton. We are similar in our running styles. Everything he does, I try to do,” Lucious explained.

Though the two quarterbacks are certainly not the same size, Panther fans in attendance for a 46-6 win over Biggersville last September are likely to agree with Lucious’ sentiments about the similarities in his and the Super Bowl quarterback’s games.

“One of my best memories is scoring two rushing and two passing touchdowns against Biggersville last season,” Lucious said.

Before making more memories and chasing his goals this Fall, however, the young quarterback is still looking to grow. Specifically, he is seeking to get stronger this offseason. Adding strength, with his speed, acceleration and shiftiness, is likely to create a dangerous combination for opposing defenses.

Also before next season, he is set to compete in the Fortius Project on April 30th at ICC. It is an opportunity that he is greatly looking forward to.

“I’m excited to compete with the best talent in Mississippi and show that I belong,” He said. “I think everything about me will be impressive. My speed, catching, footwork and throwing.”

**Photo by Mark Wilson

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