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Davis Harrison Set For Final Ride At Lamar

Teams across Mississippi are heading into their spring practices with needs. Most of those needs were created by players they depended on during the 2015 season that will now graduate in May. Coaches will look to their roster for answers. They will look for a new crop of leaders.

Lamar School is not an exception to the rule. They have needs just like everyone else, but finding a leader is not one of them. As long as rising senior quarterback Davis Harrison is lining up behind center, the Raiders are in good shape.

Harrison has been the guy for Lamar for quite some time now. Three seasons ago, as a freshman, Harrison led his team to a State Championship victory. This past season, as a junior, he totaled over 2,500 yards of offense with 35 total touchdowns. Now he sets his sights on his fourth and final season as a high school quarterback.

“I feel like as a team we have a lot to prove next year,” Harrison told SES Mississippi. “I think I could have done some things better at quarterback in some situations but I feel good about what I've accomplished. I’m still looking to get better in all aspects of my game for my last season of high school.”

It is rare that a young man can take the reigns as a freshman and ride out his entire career with the kind of success that Harrison has had. Former Laurel quarterback Keon Howard comes to mind. His career was legendary and he now heads off to continue his play at Southern Mississippi. Harrison’s is shaping up in similar fashion.

Why does he like playing quarterback? It is about being in control of a team that looks to him for leadership.

“I love having the ball in my hand every play because I like to be in control,” Harrison declared.

Yes, Harrison has piled up a lot of yards over the past three years. Yes, he has a state title under his belt already. But the one thing that really stands out is his passion for the game. His drive to play the game as hard as he can immediately becomes evident when watching his film. Where does the drive come from? It comes from family.

“My dad died when I was eight,” Harrison explained. “I want to play hard for him because that's what he'd want me to do.” And who are his biggest influences. “My brothers because they were much older than me and were like father figures to me.”

As for life after Lamar, Harrison says he wants to continue playing the game he loves. However, no colleges have pulled the trigger on an offer yet. He has the skill set. He has the size and speed. When his senior season ends, he will have just about as much experience as any other player in the country.

Harrison’s remarks about playing football at the next level are about as good as they will ever get from a young man trying to get a chance to continue his career.

“I'm willing to work hard,” Harrison said. “I'm a good athlete so if quarterback spots are taken I feel like I can play other positions also. It's been my dream since I was a kid to play D1 sports so I am willing to push myself to the limits to be the best I can be.”

Quarterbacks are creatures of habit so when one is willing to give up calling out the cadences for the shot to simply keep playing the game he loves, that is something special.

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