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More Chances Coming For Bolton

Like Markell Pack did as a member of the 2014 class, class of 2018 running back John Bolton is also trying to take the step from the Purvis High football program to big time college football.

The talented tailback, who was a reserve as a sophomore last fall, knows he will be receive many more carries this Fall. However, he isn’t waiting around until then. He is trying to prove himself, as well as better himself, this off-season. So he will be attending the Fortius Project this Saturday at MRA.

“I heard about the combine from some players from other schools and they said the camp really gets your recognized by colleges. So that’s why I’m really excited about it and looking forward to it,” Bolton told SES Mississippi.

Bolton plans to show off a trio of skills essential to any successful running back. In fact, he expects those who see him compete to come away impressed with his game based on those three vital, game-changing abilities.

“I believe my agility, footwork and balance will impress people,” He explained.

Another key area for him, one that he is working on this off-season, is his speed. He is focused and determined to improve his speed this off-season and for him, Fortius provides another opportunity to do so. It also gives him a chance to see where his work this off-season has put him.

Heading into his junior campaign this Fall there is a lot to look forward to. First and foremost is to help his team better their record from last season when they were 7-5. A 5-0 division run is certainly something to build on. He is also using what he has learned from players ahead of him in experience.

“We all have to come together and be leaders on and off the field to do big things this season,” He said. “The guys ahead of me really showed me how to love my team and do whatever it takes.”

Speaking of leadership, that is something Bolton is preparing himself for, but he feels there are qualities he possess that will help him make a natural transition into that role.

“I have commitment, confidence and I am willing to do whatever it takes to make sure we have a strong team,” Bolton noted.

Leading by example could be added to that list, because as mentioned earlier, his role will expand within the offense in 2016. After rushing for 481 yards on just 87 carries last season, the sophomore is poised to take the reigns. On special teams he added 207 yards from kickoff returns, averaging a cool 29.6 yards per return.

“I was really taking a lot of carries for a sophomore and I had a solid season for a sophomore,” He stated. “I feel like it’s going to be a lot different for my junior season. I had to come off the field a lot for the senior last year because he was a three-year starter. I feel like I’m going to really surpass my stats from last year by a really big margin.”

**Photo by Pine Belt Sports

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