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Glenn Seeking Next Level

After being named to the All-Combine team at the first Fortius Project combine on March 5th, Jordan Murphy came back and told his Hattiesburg High teammates all about it. It was a success for the star wideout without question. If there was a ball that was thrown his way on the day that he didn’t come up with, then well, I missed that rep. He dominated from start to finish like you would expect from someone with his offer sheet.

One of his teammates took notice and felt like Fortius would be a good opportunity for him. Sophomore receiver Daryell Glenn III has yet to earn an offer, but he is actively seeking one out.

“My teammate Jordan Murphy told me that I should broadcast my talent at the Fortius Project,” Glenn told SES Mississippi. “I want to come so I can prove people wrong and broadcast my talent. I will shock a lot of people this year and I will start doing itSaturday.”

He is looking forward to one-on-ones at Fortius because that is the are that will allow him to show off his best attributes. Even during a game, though, he says it can feel like warm-ups when he gets into his zone. That is something he plans to do on Saturday.

“My footwork and my route-running,” Glenn said when asked what his best skills are. “When I run my route it feels like it is just me and the quarterback doing our pre-game warm-up.”

While there are parts of the quick-twitched receiver’s game that he is looking to improve, the big picture is his focus for Saturday.

“I am trying to improve myself all around. It’s better to be great all around than just in a specific area,” Glenn explained.

Many things have gone into the making of the player that Glenn is today. Some of that comes from those around him, like Murphy and another teammate Shakennen West, but other parts of his game come from studying a former LSU Tiger now in the NFL.

“Odell Beckham Jr. is who I model my game after. Every one of my teammates will tell you the first thing that comes to mind when they say my name is Odell Beckham Jr.,” Glenn exclaimed. “I studied how he runs, how he does his slants, his footwork and more. I even do the same thing in pregame. I one day want to be compared to him. That would be an honor.”

Though, many of the remaining things he has picked up and learned have come from Murphy and West. Those two are guys he is around nearly daily. And like with Beckham Jr., he is trying to make it to where Murphy is now, receiving offers.

“Jordan Murphy and Shakennen West have taught me most of what I know. They have really worked with me,” He offered. “Jordan taught me how to keep my body under control in route-running, most of my footwork and how to explode off the ball.”

“Shakennen has taught me more with catching.”

With hopes of next season being a good one for him personally, he also knows it can be special for his team as well. He is looking forward to helping his team win games.

“We will have to make a commitment. We will have to start playing for each other throughout the game,” Glenn said. “Our offensive playmakers are very talented, athletic and smart. They know to trick defenders and get the man next to them open.”

For himself, no goal is every pleasing to reach. This season he is gearing up to be an 800 to 1,000 yard receiver. It will take hard work, but that is something he is used to and embraces because of those around him.

“I grind every day to provide for my one year old child,” Glenn said. “If I do end up being an 800 to 1,000 yard receiver I will not be happy. Whenever I reach my goals that means I set the bar too low. That means I will have to set an even higher goal.”

“I’m trying to get a division one offer. Watch out for me at the Fortius Project.”

**Photo by Mark Magee.

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