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SES Tennessee: Sandusky Invading Fortius Project

In the past Memphis-Ridgeway junior quarterback Tyrique Sandusky and new Oxford(Miss.) quarterback Zac Montgomery have worked out together. On April 30th, the two will do again, but as friendly adversaries competing in the Fortius Project at ICC. Montgomery, formerly of Harding Academy, announced he would be present at the camp and it caught Sandusky’s attention.

“We trained last year and we see each other at a lot of camps. He posted on Twitter that he was going, so I looked into the camp,” the talented signal caller said.

“I really liked the logo and I also saw that some great talent was going to be attending the camp. I like that it’s set up like the NFL combine. Also that there will be competition and awards will be given out.”

So far this offseason Sandusky has been working on his footwork, in addition to attempting to speed up his release. He is looking to expand his game and take on more play-making abilities in his final season. He feels those improvements will be on display at Fortius.

“I’m a dual-threat quarterback so I’ve really been working toward becoming a ‘do-it-all,’ quarterback as I would like to call it,” Sandusky said. “I think my footwork and arm strength will stick out at the camp.”

One of the things that the Roadrunner quarterback will look to do while at Fortius is raise his recruiting profile. Other than that, he has a laundry list of skills he would like to further develop not only at Fortius, but throughout the offseason.

“I want to work on making different reads throughout different situations. I want to become a better student of the game. Honestly, I want to get better at everything. I feel as though I’m very under-recruited,” He said.

After throwing for 2,100 yards and 15 touchdowns, plus his 500 rushing yards and five rushing scores, in 2015, he is looking to round out his game this Fall. He expects the furthering of his experience will help take his team where they want to be. Which is better than their 6-5 record last season that saw them eliminated in the first round of playoff action.

“I think my game will be more complete this year,” Sandusky offered. “In some moments I was hesitant in my decision-making at times. We will be more experienced in very important situations this year. So I expect us to go very fat this yea. I know we have the team to go all the way this year.”

The love Sandusky has for the game of football is fueled by his passion for the friendships the game has provided him with. He says that, to this day, he is still friends with guys he met 10 years ago while playing.

“I love the competition standpoint of football. Also, how it can take a group of guys and turn them into lifelong friends,” He said.

“Doubters drive me, I love proving doubters wrong. Ultimately, I would for my talent to take me somewhere in life.”

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