• John Macon Gillespie

Myron Means Means Business

On Saturday at Madison-Ridgeland Academy, Raymond junior defensive lineman Myron Means will get a chance to show off the skills that helped him accumulate 125 tackles last season. He will be doing so at the Fortius Project.

“I heard it’s a good camp,” Means told SES Mississippi. “I want to compete with some of the best in the state.”

His abnormally high tackle-count for a guy who plays in the defensive trenches, coupled with his four sacks, three quarterback hurries and two fumble recoveries made him a nightmare for opponents in 2015. He certainly has his doubters, but he combines his physical and mental tools to make plays on the field, as he will at Fortius on Saturday.

“Most people people say I’m too small for the defensive line, but my quickness and strength helps me a lot. Quickness off the ball and strength will be my most impressive attributes,” He explained. “

“On the field I like to study my opponent on the first few plays of the game and use my brain for the rest of the game. Often that’s how I win my match-ups on Friday nights.”

Being undersized for a guy that makes his hay in the trenches is something that Means embraces. In fact, the rough nature of that area of the field is what he loves most about the game he plays at such a high level.

“I love the physicality of the game most,” He said. “It brings the character out of you. Can you stay disciplined when you’re down? And will you lay down or fight until the end?”

One thing that He has learned from the upperclassmen that played around him and before him is to remain patient in his recruiting process. That is easier said than done because he feels strongly about alleviating the burden on his mother of paying for his college.

“What drives me is how my mom got me everything I’ve asked for. Now it’s time to save her thousands of dollars,” Means offered. “I had to realize that if I don’t go to camps, I’m never going to really get noticed.”

So Saturday, in some ways, will be marking the beginning for Means. He is stepping closer to his goal of being noticed. More importantly he is entering an environment where he feels he can improve. The competition should take him to another level, but he has spent his offseason getting better overall.

“I will be working on my hands mostly but I continue to work on my footwork every day,” He said.

No stranger to catching the ball, as he hauled in four catches for 68 yards, featuring a long catch of 16 yards, last season.

With camps, the offseason and dreams of offers behind him this Fall, his main goal will be to help the Rangers improve on their 5-6 record from a season ago. He understands two things as it pertains to that happening. That he must improve to help the team, but also that he must be willing to do whatever is required of him to do just that.

“We need to have a better season for myself and the team,” He said. “I plan on having a better season than last year even if it might not show up on the stat sheet. I just have to do whatever and play whatever the team will need me to win that Fridaynight.”

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