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All-Combine Brock Returning To Fortius

With a Fortius Project All-Combine team medal already in his possession Provine lineman Diante Brock is coming back to Fortius looking to take home the STRONGER award. This Saturday the talented, two-way lineman and many of his Provine teammates will return, some will be coming for the first time, to Fortius.

Brock, as well as teammates Juwan Taylor and Brian Collins, each took home medals last time. It is conceivable that the Ram teammates in attendance could again claim a few of the 15 medals given out to members of the All-Combine team.

“My teammates told me to come with them to get better,” Brock told SES Mississippi when asked why he came to the first camp. “When I got there I told myself it was a new start for me to get better. I like one-on-ones cause it gives you a chance to see who really is the big dog.”

It became clear whether working as an offensive or defensive lineman that Brock was one of the standouts in the trenches. His combination of size, strength and quickness were fierce and nearly impossible for his opposition to contain.

“My footwork and hand placement helped me most,” Brock said. “Without those skills you cant make it in the trenches.”

Having already competed in one Fortius Project camp He feels much more prepared headed into Saturday. He appreciates the competition from his peers.

“There will be someone bigger than me trying to get to the top just like me. So what I have to do is outwork that person. At the same time, help him because you never know what you might need from him,” He said.

Brock says the bond that he and many of his teammates share runs very deep and stretches far beyond the sidelines they play together between.

“We have a brother bond,” He explained. “Like when one of our teammates need help in school, we just help them out. Also when we go out to eat and someone doesn’t have enough money, we come together to help him out. One fight, we all fight and just the love we have for each other.”

The Rams are looking for a turnaround season this Fall. With the way Brock and many of his teammates are coming together and improving this offseason, that looks likely. Coming together is a crucial part of the equation, Brock feels. He is just ready to win, that is what matters most to him.

“We have to play as team and come together as one and have fun on the field. Also we can’t give up,” Brock said.

“My favorite part of football is when we win, that feeling you get when you know you did your job.”

On offense last season Brock tallied 15 pancake blocks. This Fall he will take on more reps as a defensive tackle after accumulating 80 tackles at the position as a freshman.

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