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Big Dreams For Murrah's Small

In recent years the Murrah Mustang football program has produced a pair of SEC football players in running back Malik Dear and defensive lineman Johnathan Calvin, both of whom play for the Mississippi State Bulldogs currently. Fitzgerald Small, a junior linebacker for Murrah has his mind set on playing on after his days as a Mustang, as well.

“My motivation is the NFL because I kind of get upset sometimes while watching the games. In my head I feel like I can be better than half of them as long as I keep working,” Small told SES Mississippi.

On defense last season he showed promise, finishing the season with 98 tackles, nine sacks, two forced fumbles and an interception. He was so important to the Mustang defense that he was unable to man his fullback position as regularly as he would have liked. He feels he can be equally as effective on the offense side of the ball.

“I’m very aggressive,” He said when asked about his game at the fullback spot. “I don’t stop until I hear the whistle. If my job is to block you, then I have no choice but to put you in the bleachers. I try not to mess up, but when I do I alway make up for it the next drive or the next play.”

Next season Small and his teammates will be looking to build on their 2015 campaign. In order to do that, Small feels the team has to come together and play as one. With that said, all the hard work will be for naught to Small unless they reach the mountain top.

“As a leader, I try to lead my team into success,” He said. “My only goal is to do whatever it takes to be holding that championship trophy.”

This offseason the talented two-way player is mostly looking to get bigger and faster. But he is always looking for competition. Recently he came across an opportunity on social media he couldn’t pass up.

“I saw a football player retweet(on Twitter) his highlights from the Fortius Project in Petal. Then I went on the Fortius page, as I was scrolling I saw this kid get an offer after attending the Fortius combine. Then I saw two players competing that really pumped me up,” Small explained.

“The thing I love the most about football is the competition. I love competing.”

After excelling on defense last season, he plans to show his offensive prowess at the Fortius Project at MRA on April 2nd and on the field next Fall.

“I honestly don’t things anybody will be able to cover me(on April 2nd) and thats the same for the upcoming season,” He said. “I will definitely be aggressive.”

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