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Jason Finch Set For Fortius Debut

Provine junior fullback Jason Finch will join the list of Ram football players to have participated in the Fortius Project on April 2nd at MRA. Three of his teammates earned a medal at the March 5th combine at Petal.

“I’m looking forward to getting one of those medals. I’ve heard from my team it was fun, competitive experience. They loved it,” Finch told SES Mississippi.

There’s no reason to believe Finch won’t follow in the footsteps of his teammates, and earn one of the 15 Fortius All-Combine medals that will be handed out April 2nd. However, instead of worrying about that while he’s competing, his mind will be on getting better.

“At Fortius I’m looking to be able to showcase my skills and have fun while enjoying the process. I’m looking to improve my technique and ball-running skills,” He said.

As a fullback, Finch is able to provide the Rams with something unique. The position is becoming more and more non-existent in the sport. However, that only highlights a good fullback even more as it shows his unique combination of strength and smarts. Last season he finished with 15 pancake blocks while adding 207 rushing yards and 216 receiving yards. Not to mention some of his season was lost due to injury.

“I make someone feel pain every time I block them. They’re either going to end up on their backs or 10 yards off the ball,” Finch said. “I’m also an explosive runner.”

The passion and determination that Finch comes with on each play shows. What doesn’t show is the drive within him that fuels his two strongest assets.

“What drives me is knowing that God has given the talents and abilities to play football. I can’t take it for granted at any moment,” He explained. “Knowing any play could be my last play is what drives me.”

“What I love most about football is that feeling when you step on the field on Friday nights. Knowing you have guys behind you trying to chase the same things you’re chasing.”

Next year, as Finch makes crystal clear, he and his Provine teammates are chasing a championship. He says unity is the key to doing just that.

“Me and my teammates drive is 100 times better. My team is learning to communicate. We are all brothers trying to reach the same goal which is a big ring and a championship,” He said.

“I’m working to become a great leader on my team because without any good leadership, there isn’t a good team.”

He feels communicating with his teammates is a strength and also his value on communication is what will make him a good leader. Also, he is getting bigger and stronger, while getting better as a player, as well.

“I’m going to always be honest. I’m trustworthy, I’m always working to get better. I believe in communicating with others to get the job done,” Finch explained. “I’m confident, I’m committed and I always try to keep a positive attitude.”

“I love trying to inspire my teammates. I always want to keep my team motivated towards the continued success of the program and keep the energy levels up.”

**Photo by Keith Warren of the MHSAA.

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