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Hamilton & Provine Posse Returning To Fortius Project

Rising senior Tre Hamilton was on hand for the Fortius Project at Petal just a few weeks ago. He came with a number of his Provine High teammates. Much of that group, including Hamilton, and some others that weren’t present on March 5th plan on attending the Fortius Project stop at MRA on April 2nd.

It was clear the group of Ram teammates, or the “Provine Posse,” as they have been affectionately dubbed(after the trio of Provine basketball players from the early 2000s) are very close. Competition is a key component in their brotherhood.

“Man, our bond is really close. We like to compete with each other in the classroom and on the field,” Hamilton told SES Mississippi.

“I’ve learned those guys just want to be great and win ball games. So that’s why we stay on the same page a lot of the time. We want to stay as close as possible and let no outsiders in our circle.”

Winning ball games next season has already started for Hamilton and his teammates just by the work they are putting in, like they did at Fortius. Personally, he is looking to have his hands all over the success for the Rams by playing as large of a role as his body can withstand.

“Next season I’m going to give it 110 percent on the field and in the classroom. My goal for next season is to make the most plays I possibly can. I don’t want to come off the field my senior year. I want to help the team in any and every way I can to help us win a championship,” Hamilton said.

After attending the first Fortius stop Hamilton feels as though he in some ways more prepared and more technically sound on the offensive side of the ball.

“My routes are quicker and more crisp. I can come out of my breaks quicker at the top of any routes. I can also use my hands better to fight for the ball in the air. Also, I am better at creating separation,” Hamilton offered.

The best part of attending Fortius, however, was being able to meet the guys around him. In fact, picking up certain tips and habits from his peers is what led to the improvements Hamilton made.

“The Fortius Project was great, man,” He said. “I got a chance to meet a lot of new guys. It was great competition on both sides of the ball. The best thing to me were the 1-on-1s and the 4-on-3 drills.”

“What stuck out to me was the energy from everyone.”

Much of that energy was brought from the Provine Posse and nothing less will be expected from the group on April 2nd. In fact it could be even more intense considering Juwan Taylor, Brian Collins and Diante Brocks walked away as members of the All-Combine team earlier this month and the rest of the Posse is gunning for their spots.

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