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Montgomery Settling In At Oxford

This semester at Oxford High School is going a little differently than previous years. For the past three years, Charger quarterback Jack Abraham roamed the hallways and spent time working out with his teammates in preparation for spring training and the coming season. However, the record setting quarterback completed his course work in December and is already off to Louisiana Tech to begin his career as a Bulldog. A new face is now putting in time doing those things that Abraham once did.

Zac Montgomery transferred to Oxford High School from Harding Academy at the beginning of the spring semester and he says the transition is going smoothly so far.

“Everything's going great,” Montgomery told SES Mississippi. “We just moved in about a month ago so we are still adjusting but my family and I really like it here. So far so good.”

Montgomery spent his freshman and sophomore years playing quarterback for the Lions. He totaled over 3,300 yards through the air and with 39 touchdowns. He also rushed for nearly 500 yards and another seven scores.

This offseason he is spending time improving his game and adjusting to his new team.

“Right now I'm doing a lot of offseason workouts with the team,” Montgomery said. “The receiving corps looks great. I've gotten a chance to throw to a few of my receivers and they all have great hands and great feet. I haven't gotten a chance to see them in pads yet but I have a lot of confidence in them so far. I'm really looking forward to next season.”

Montgomery will be a new player on an Oxford team that has a new head coach. Former assistant Chris Cutcliffe got the nod after long time coach Johnny Hill retired in December. Montgomery already sees why his new coach was giving the bump.

“He's a great Christian man and role model,” Montgomery expressed. “He's had a lot of success in the past and I think that he's the right person for the job. The whole Oxford coaching staff is great. I wouldn't want anyone else coaching me.”

Being a new player on a new team at a new school comes with a lot of work and even pressure. Montgomery is staying focused on the task at hand and that is winning the job in the spring and building a bond with his new teammates.

“Obviously, first and foremost, I want to get better every day on and off the field and in the classroom,” Montgomery said. “Personally, I plan on being the undisputed starter and have the entire playbook memorized by the end of spring ball. For the summer, I just want to practice and have fun growing closer to my teammates. I think we have a very special group of guys and can accomplish the things we are setting out to do in the 2016 season.”

Whomever is calling signals for the Chargers in 2016 will be stepping into some massive shoes left behind by one of the best to ever lace them up on a Mississippi High School football field. Jack Abraham road off into the sunset with over 12,000 passing yards and 130 touchdowns. Montgomery understands what kind of player Jack was for Oxford.

“Jack's a phenomenal player and quarterback,” Montgomery stated. “He's also one of the first people that I knew before I moved to Oxford. He's a great guy and I think he'll have a great career at LA Tech. Coming into Oxford, the goal was never to be better than the guy before me. The goal was to win as many games as possible and if we break records or get a ring then that would just be icing on the cake.”

Montgomery says he plans to attend the April 30th Fortius Project that will be held at Itawamba Community College.

**Photo by Brett Montgomery.

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