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Marlowe Hungry For Competition

One of the highlights of the 2015 season was the playoff run Petal made to the 6A state championship game. The Panthers defeated Harrison Central, Brandon and Meridian on their way to the ship.

In 15 games last season the Panther offense on failed to reach 26 or more points in four games. However, the defense, despite what the numbers tell you came up big in big time spots. Looking ahead to this fall the defense is sure to make improvements as the Panthers will look to make another run at a championship chance.

This Saturday the Fortius Project will be hosted on the home turf of the Panthers. Many Petal defenders will be in attendance, including Charlie Marlowe, so it should be an opportunity to see the improvements made so far this offseason.

“It will be a good opportunity to compete against other guys as a unit instead of competing against each other. It’s going to be a test to see how we have improved and what we need to work on as the offseason progresses,” Marlowe told SES Mississippi.

Competition is what drew Marlowe to attend Fortius. He likes the idea of being in an environment where others are looking forward to competing, as well. His sights are also set on a few specific areas as he gets prepares to showcase his abilities.

“I love to compete and I want to see how I compare to my competition from around the state. I’m excited about going up against guys who have the same goals as me, to get better. The main thing that drew me to Fortius is that I’m a competitive person and I want to be the best at anything I do,” Marlowe said.

“I’m looking forward to the 40 yard dash and the agility drills. Another thing I’m looking forward to is the 7-on-7.”

Speed is one of the main areas of focus this offseason for Marlowe. He feels improving his speed will help his pass-rushing. Becoming more explosive and quick to the ball is also an area he has been working on since the offseason started.

“Being able to work a move and get to the quarterback faster is something I want to get better at,” He explained.

With an emphasis on improving his speed, he is still certain that his speed an agility will be the areas of his game that stand out the most when people see him on Saturday. Hence, why he is most anxious to engage in those drills that will put those two things on display.

Even though the ending to last year’s run wasn’t what he and his teammates wanted, there are still positives to take from it. Moving forward it gives them a better idea of what it will take to go a step further this fall.

“Last season we accomplished a lot and proved a lot of people wrong. We always believed in ourselves no matter what was going on,” Marlowe said. “But we aren’t satisfied with coming up short. The way our season ended left a bitter taste in our mouth.”

“Having a solid offseason is what it will take to prepare us to get to that next level. I’m confident we have what it takes to win a state championship next season.”

Marlowe and his teammates have their chance to begin making believers of others at 10 AM on Saturday morning.

**Photo by Mark Magee.

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