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Young Gun Crowe Leading Colts

During the days spanning through August and November in the Mississippi Delta there a few things that are as certain as death and taxes. The mosquitos are the size of humming birds and on Friday nights the towns and communities flock to the local high school football fields.

This is definitely true for the Bayou Academy Colts of Cleveland.

The 2015 season saw a ninth grader take control of the Colt offense, a feat that doesn’t happen very much in football rich Magnolia State.

Cross Crowe came in early and got things done throwing for nearly 1,700 yards and ten scores in his debut season in the Delta.

“It went well,” Crowe told SES Mississippi. “I got more comfortable as the year went on. It was a good learning experience.”

As previously stated, a freshman playing quarterback for varsity is rare on all levels of completion, private, public and up to college ball. Head Coach Kenny Strong entered the season with a very nice stable of quarterbacks so was he surprised when the youngster emerged as ‘the guy’?

“I honestly wasn't surprised,” Coach Strong said. “We had three good quarterbacks, two of them signed to play college ball. Cross made us look so much better last summer in drills and passing game install. I wasn't surprised, but when he came off of the bench on the road in Louisiana in our opener and led us 80-yards in a minute and six seconds for a game winning field goal…I was convinced.”

Like most athletes in the MAIS, Crowe takes part in multiple sports but says it will not distract from bettering his game on the gridiron.

“I'm playing baseball right now,” Crowe said. “I've been doing a lot of footwork. I'm going to be going to a lot of camps this spring and summer. The main thing is just getting bigger, faster and stronger.”

For any player, football is always a very fast paced, high-pressure ordeal when first starting out. For Cross Crowe, the more pressure the colder the ice in his veins become.

“I love the game,” Crowe expressed. “I love the practices and being out there with all of my teammates and coaches. I like the pressure, the competition, and I hate to lose.”

As is the case a lot of times across Mississippi, Crowe’s father also once suited up in the Bayou blue and white. He too was a quarterback. In fact, his teams were some of the school’s all-time greats. A fact not lost on the younger Crowe.

“Hopefully our team will be as successful as his was,” Crowe declared.

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