• John Macon Gillespie

Wallace Makes People Miss

The Fortius Project combine coming up March 5th at Petal High is set to host some of the magnolia state’s best football talent. Players ranging from grades 6th through 11th are invited to be in attendance.

The 2018 class, or current sophomores, has made waves by making up a large portion of the sign-ups. That class is set to be a loaded crop within Mississippi’s borders. However, in the words of Lee Corso, “not so fast.”

Current juniors will make up a majority of the players competing and there are some impressive athletes set to be on hand. Greene County junior running back Rishad Wallace is no exception.

“I want to show off some skills to the coaches and compete against other players at the camp,” Wallace told SES Mississippi.

Wallace is eager to test his skills in the drills that will be featured at Fortius. Not only does he want to see where he stands in relation to other athletes, but he mostly wants to gauge where he is after the hard work he has put in. His quickness, he feels, will give him a leg up in two drills in particular.

“I’m quick in the 40-yard dash and I can accelerate in the 100-yard dash. I’m pretty good at cone drills, I’ve done them a couple times,” Wallace said. “Mostly I want to do the 40 because I want to know my time.”

While Wallace expects to test well in drills and looks forward to improving his speed, strength and overall athletic ability, he plans to impress in another area most. Once the 1-on-1 and 7-on-7 portions of Fortius begin the real Wallace will emerge. His quick-twitch lateral movement that will help him in the 40, cone and shuttle drills, could be what sets him apart in football-like activities.

“My ability to make people miss when I’m in the open field,” Wallace said is his best asset.

Though last season didn’t go how Wallace and his teammates would have hoped the experience will make them better. Also, the mistakes that were made are now in the open and can be corrected.

“The team wasn’t playing together. And we weren’t in the formation we needed to be. But we learned how to play with each other and we have experience,” Wallace said.

For Wallace and his teammates 2015 is in the rearview. Now he will focus on the view through the windshield. That’s where his goals lie and he is in full pursuit of them. That’s not to say he’s not getting a nudge in their direction.

“What drives me is the chance of being successful in football,” He said. “People are doubting the probability that I have. That makes me want to do more work and stay dedicated and motivated to proving them wrong.”

His team likely also has their own doubters lurking out there. With his senior season looming, he is looking to lead the team and have his own drive permeate to his other teammates. A team full of guys with his mindset is the way for the Wildcats to make a big turnaround this Fall.

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