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Proctor Brothers Push Each Other To The Max

Camaraderie was a big key to Brandon’s success last season. They were a close-knit team and that propelled them to an 11-3 record under first-year head coach Tyler Peterson.

No two players were closer than junior Corey Proctor and sophomore Trey Proctor. The brothers are close and football is a major bonding area for them.

“He teaches me to be humble and other things like respect,” Trey told SES Mississippi. “But I think I teach him more in football considering the fact that I’m better.”

The confident and talented younger brother finished with 26 tackles, seven pass deflections, a tackle for loss and interception, that he returned 27 yards for a score, last season.

“He is an excellent cover guy. He has major jumping abilities. I like that he will be getting a lot more playing time next season. I think he will excel next year at corner,” Corey told SES Mississippi.

Corey, who plays both sides of the ball, is primarily a running back. He rushed for 406 yards on 82 carries and four touchdowns in 2015. He also caught eight passes for 59 yards. On defense he had 27 tackles, two tackles for loss and two pass deflections.

Football is something that connects the brothers, not just at school or with their team. It is something that they are always spending time together doing. It also brings out the best in both of them to be able to help each other out with the game they share a love and passion for.

“It’s amazing,” Corey said of getting to play alongside his brother. “We work on things together. Like he will help me with catching and I will help him with his speed. We play football together on Sundays to get better. We compete a lot and we push each other to the max.”

The brothers, in addition to a handful of their Brandon teammates, will be attending the Fortius Project combine at Petal High on March 5th.

“I just want to show my talent because I believe I can be something big in the future,” Trey said.

“I have been overlooked a lot and I’m just ready to get out there and show that I have what it takes to get the job done,” Corey said. “Just excited to show what I can do.”

Trey echoed some of what his brother mentioned previously when asked what would stand out about him at Fortius, and also what he is looking to improve on.

“I think I’m best at covering. That’s my specialty and also my ability to jump,” He continued on what he would like to get better at. “My speed and instincts, like where the ball is going to be. Things like that.”

For Corey, he feels that his size and speed will stand out when he competes at Fortius. Though he wants to get faster and stronger while also improving his footwork.

Looking ahead to next season, with many key contributors returning, Corey feels 2016 could be a special year for he, his brother and their teammates.

“This will be one of the best teams to come through Brandon, in my opinion,” Corey said. “I just feel that this is one of the most talented groups we have had come through.”

“We have a lot of starters coming back, so we will be experienced. The leaders have to step up this year. We just have to stay focused.”

**Photo by Keith Warren of the MHSAA.

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